Monday, October 26, 2009

Hiking through the Green, Green Forest

Today we went to the Bear Valley visitor's center and took one of the trails up, up, up. We hiked up the mountain 1.8 miles and at the summit we saw this. It was breathtaking. As we were hiking up, we were secluded in forest: moss covered trees, ferns everywhere, lichen, mushrooms, birds, and slugs were along the path. It was a fairly vigorous climb. Then we got to the top and it opened up. We walked out of the forest area, into a meadow, and then through some trees where we beheld this amazing vista out over tree tops all the way to the ocean. The sound of the wind and the crisp, cool air was indescribable. A few times along the path I was like, boy am I struggling, maybe we should turn back. But it was worth seeing. I've never seen anything like it. We saw this dude with his horses as we were hiking back into the forest. There were a lot of folks with horses there today. Lucky horses, huh?

And then as we were leaving, we saw some, um, visitors, outside the visitor's center. So cute! They were all nom, nom, nom on the grass.


  1. gorgeous view of the ocean. thanks for sharing the hike with us. i could feel your struggle...brought back memories of hikes i've taken. it always seems to be worth the view!! i'm so thankful for the gift of sight...

  2. Oh yay, I didn't know you were going to blog while you were away. Lovely, lovely view, and it sounds like Manka's is living up to expectations.

  3. Wow Robin, it's looks absolutely spectacular and worth the long trip up. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day!!


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