My Colleagues

Yes, well, here at Essential Marketing Group, while we are hard at work with our crackerjack team of designers and developers via phone and email, we also have a few teammates right here at headquarters, a.k.a. spare bedroom. Well, hello there Mr. Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman! You're here early today! And I see Sadie the Scottie, looking ready to take on the world...of Westminster! Squirrely and Catkin are regulars, and I (laughing right now) can't remember what I called them the last time I posted about them.

Seems my collection of little figurines has grown. It's funny, when I go to estate sales and walk into a house with shelves full of teeny-weeny figurines, I always think, oh boy, look at all those tiny dust collectors! Yeah. That was then, this is now. Now I see some of these cute little goobers and say, um, how much for this one?


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