Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little G. is Fine!

*Evening Update* Well, Dr. Candy (Lewis) gave a glowing report. All went well. And here we have the shaved belly update. She also has this little white spot in the center of her belly, which appears to indicate a belly button, but it is button-less. There’s another white spot, too. James is holding her for the photo, and she really couldn’t care less: good kitty drugs!

She’s already taken a good pull on her metal stitches (only 3!) but that didn’t last long and she doesn’t seem very interested in them. Yay!

There you have it: spayed kitty belly, up close and personal. And thanks for the sweet comments about our fur child. Oh, the lives of us folks without actual kids. Ha!

Posted earlier, pre-pictures: Just a quick update to say that our little Gwynnie is fine. She's out of surgery and recovering all snugged under her blankie at the doctor's office. Pictures will be posted later of the tiny, shaved belly. So sad! When James dropped her off this morning, the staff ooh'd and ahh'd and how beautiful she was. Such a pretty girlie! Okay, lest I should cause hurling with my Momma Cat talk, I'll stop now.


  1. Good girl Gwyn....thank you Mommy for letting us know how your little girl faired today....
    Looking forward to a picture of her home safe and sound..

  2. I just read yesterdays post about Kate and laughed out loud. I am happy to hear Gwynie is okay and also looking forward to pic of her back home.

  3. happy to hear that kitty is doing well!

  4. What a sweet litle doll you are,Gywn!
    You are very lucky to have such wonderful parents to spay you and take such good care of you.
    Heal fast, darling!


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