Monday, January 10, 2011

A Big Day for Gwyneth

Our little darling, Gwyneth, is going to Dr. Candy’s tomorrow for her spaying appointment. I’m sure she will be a.o.k., but we will have our positivity hats on nonetheless. We refer to it as, “she’s having her pockets picked.” Poor little thing! I am so weird about any of these things – vaccines included – they seem unnatural to my hippie-at-heart self. You could say I’m anti-synthetic. Of course, we went through a “heat” cycle with Kate! OMG! We about had to bar the windows. She turned into a flying squirrel and climbed the curtains. She also developed a serious and slightly creepy love for James, my human husband. Huh? Finally, that was over and she became Kate Spade. Winking smile  Wish us well, and I’ll have an update tomorrow.


  1. Sweet Kitty!! Hope you're up and flying around the house with Kate in no time at all....
    Your Mommy takes very good care of you and she even found you a doctor with a kind name - Dr. Candy....Be sure to enjoy every minute of pampering you're about to receive!!!

  2. It's absolutely the best thing you can do for your kitty! You're a good mommy, and I'm sure Dr. Candy will take great care of her.

    And, I just love those little shaved tummies! Give her a love for me!

  3. Such a gorgeous girl! So glad all went her "button"!


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