Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Heart Pet Hats

If your head is solid enough that you won’t risk explosion, then keep looking. Oh, I heart them all. When you click on the pics, you’ll get the Etsy shop that sells them.
dog cowl collar
cat bear hat

jack hat
lab bear hat


  1. These are WAY TOO them all.
    Both my dogs and house cat are going to be sporting these it.
    Thanks for the smile - I needed that to begin my day, have a great one my friend!!

  2. {loud girlish squeals} Oh my GOODNESS!!!!
    The amount of cuteness that these pictures hold cannot be measured!
    I am also impressed how well the doggies and kitties hold still.
    I know mine would not leave those on their heads for 2 seconds:)

  3. Oh good lord...really?! It's too much! So sweet...although the dogs do sort of have that "Please remove this, Mommy" look on their faces. I love these! Yay, Etsy!

  4. OMGosh these are SO cute! I love the idea but dont think my guys would wear these but for a split second. Oh man these are adorable :)


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