Wednesday, October 13, 2010

$1,000,000 Smile

101007 JHardy 2 LRAlthough you would think that a wife who is also a marketing consultant would have long ago created a whiz-bang incredible website for her darling husband, this is not exactly the case. Did I put up a site that we believe gets the job done for now? Yes. Did husband go and get beautiful pictures professionally taken for his temporary website? Yes. And, does this man have a million dollar smile or what? Uh-huh.


  1. Aww gee whiz he is cute! And after catching up on a few posts seeing you drink your lemonade I can say you are cute, too.
    PS I keep looking at that green scrapbook album in your sidebar. I think maybe I will buy it? See you on etsy!

  2. Wow, glamour shot! I can almost hear that "ting" sound like in a commercial when light reflects off of something. "Ting!" fab...

  3. Lordy....he's a doll, like Ken come to life!
    I think you can expect a million hits to the website! Have a fun weekend.

  4. Hey Robin! DH cleans up nicely! Well done!

    p.s. I saw the most adorably whimsical creamer and sugar bowl today and immediately thought of you! Miss you bunches!


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