Miami Adventure: Warm and Sunny

I was in Miami recently for work. After the exhausting 4 days of the sales kickoff meeting, I was able to have a relaxing couple of days with my niece and sis-in-law. We roamed the shops of Bal Harbour; which I remember as a kid before they were renovated. We stopped for lunch at Savarin and I had an amazing salad with white asparagus and watermelon radishes! They are so delicious and really beautiful. Check out the colors! The orange was a paper thin shaving of carrot.
The restaurant also had a beautiful case of macaroons: IMG_0502[1]
I’m not sure what a “Cassandra” is, but they were certainly boxed up nicely.
We stayed at the Fountainbleu, and this was the view from the window. The water was so blue and gorgeous…IMG_0495[1]
The floor looked like it was covered in little bow ties…IMG_0496[1]
When I was little, I remember going to the Fountainbleu with my Dad. Here’s what it looked like then:
fountainbleu then
And, here’s how it looks now: much snazzier, but still retaining the old feel:
fountainbleu now
I love revisiting places I know I’ve been a long time ago. I can feel the edges of those moments somehow, as if they’re reaching out to touch my soul again. Who knows, maybe Dad was there walking that day alongside me.


  1. Great pictures - you go to the most interesting places, and eat some really great looking foods!!
    I think maybe your Dad was there - nudging your memory,
    Sounds like you've made a few more nice memories with your niece and sis-in-law.
    Enjoy your week - I still need to jump in the car and go check out that restaurant with the special drinks and french fries!!

  2. Lovely pix! The macaroons are gorgeous, and the view out the window is glorious!

  3. What a great idea with the two pictures. I love it.

    Miami is such an interesting city. I've only been there once (for a baseball tournament of all things!!) but really enjoyed the architecture!

  4. What a beautiful place with beautiful food!
    Those macaroons look heavenly!!!


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