Friday, May 04, 2012

Weekend Project?

I found the color combination I want to use to paint my grandmother’s dresser: black, the beautiful and mellow light aqua, and snippets of gold. Now, where to find lion drawer pulls? Smile This image is from an amazing blog called Simply Smitten. Such beautiful images. Like this one! Oh, that dark purple and green!

How about the elegant, velvet dark green pillow sitting there fitting so perfectly?
Sweet weekend wishes to everyone!
Red heart+Peace+Cat faces +Dog faces,


  1. Thank you for the OxFam information - I've never heard about it before,
    we are lucky here, so blessed, we really have no idea until we see this - good to pass along and make a change

    Love the colors you're planning - I'm not crafty so I hand the picture over to Husband and say
    "I want it to look like this"

  2. Oh, Fun!
    I love picking out colors!!
    Cant wait to see the finished project:)


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