Monday, September 17, 2012

Gingham Style

Those who know me know I have a mad love for gingham. While I have abandoned the idea of wearing it because it just doesn’t work on me, I have taken the leap to incorporate it into our home d├ęcor! This weekend I made these panels for the French doors off the bedroom. And they turned out really cute!
Earlier this month, hubs and I re-did the fabric that is on our headboard. I love this fabric. It has a sort of craftsman, William Morris feel to me.
Next, blue and white gingham curtains are going up in the dining room. I’m on a roll. And I also have the pleasure of using my mother-in-law’s beautiful Elna Lotus sewing machine. Swedish goodness at its finest. It’s about 30 years old, purrs like a kitten, and sews perfectly. It’s so nice to sew with a really nice machine. It’s like riding horses; when they put you on a really well-trained horse, you ride like a pro.
Happy Monday, all. Hope a great week awaits you. And if you have not heard the song that this post’s title refers to, enjoy. It is addictive, and I must learn to do this horsey dance soon. Open-mouthed smile
Red heart, Robin


  1. Ooh, cute-o-rama, Miss Sewing Thang!

  2. Oh, and I am officially obsessed with Psy and Gangnam Style. LOVE!!! OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!


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