Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gregory Page Fabulosity

His singing made me feel like I was living in the 20s. The light in the room was vanilla-colored. If you’re never heard Gregory Page, make time to go. He plays every Saturday night in the very intimate Plaza Bar at the Westgate Hotel. Though at the end of this month he leaves for Holland, he’s coming back I think in a month or so and will be back at the Westgate. Blurry picture follows!
James and I were transported. We got there a little early and got great seats towards the back (the whole bar seats maybe 40 people). I drank champagne, and hubs had an Old Fashioned. Once the music starts, you can just feel the whole room buzz with pure enjoyment.
As Mr. Page walked by us out into the hall during a brief break, he stopped by our table and said hello. So charming!
I also learned the hotel has 52 miles of moulding. Next, we want to try their afternoon tea.
Happy midweek blogpeeps,

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  1. Fun! We'll have to check it out... OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!


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