A beautiful food store

I’d been hearing about Bristol Farms grocery store from my belle mere, but had never gone. This weekend, I made my way over there. It’s tucked into a shopping center in UTC/La Jolla. It’s like Whole Foods, but with a more worldly, slightly European bent. Jellies and mustards and crackers galore, and a produce section that you just want to photograph. So I did…

The way these radishes are arranged: pure art!


Gorgeous golden beets…


…and red beets…all perfectly washed and arranged…


…and Swiss chard. Of course, why would you hide the blazing red stems when you can face them out?


And they sell these English bowls that I love. Next trip, I’ll have to get one.


I was such a goon in there, too. In Produce, this poor guy is doing his job as I wax on about how lovely everything looks! And that it was my first time in the store, and how beautiful the store is, and did he arrange those radishes? He did not because, well, he worked in the café, but he did say, “Welcome!” I have to admit I love me a fine grocery store, even if on this trip I got a wee bit crazy in the aisles. This might be the perfect time to say: I need to get out more!

Happy grocery shoppingRed heart,



  1. Ooh, lovely photos...I likes me a nice veggie shot!


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