Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A simple staircase

Gee, is there time to get this installed in the new, old house? I could get a dress with a train and stand there like this as guests enter for the house warming party. I could fly down the staircase and bid them a warm welcome. Wait, my ceilings are nowhere near this high. Oh, and having walls this frail probably wouldn’t do well come rainy season. But, I love it! I love the door! I love her skinny arms. 

Home renovation that goes on too long (in my case, since May 29th) can eat your brain. Help! Someone save me!
I need comments. Comforting, supportive comments that say: It will all be okay. I will wash a load of clothes in my own washing machine again.
Good night. I am exhausted.


  1. It IS a stunning staircase.
    And she is a stunning gal.
    This upheaval in your house will pass and when its over you will be so happy with the results.
    We all can't wait to rejoice with you once its completed:)

  2. It WILL all be OK! You're going to have the home you've been dreaming of...soon!


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