Monday, July 15, 2013

Soon, home sweet home

I have about 75 pictures I want to post, but for some reason the connection between my iPhone and computer is no-worky. We are still living with the hubs' parents, and they are still as sweet and gracious as ever. How is that? Maybe they bang their heads against the wall after they retire to their bedroom at night. Must be that.
The renovations continue. Finally on the 22nd, the floors will be done. Then 5 days later, hopefully by the 27th, we will move in! It feels like we've been homeless for 6 months. Most of our stuff is still ensconced in the garage, where those horrible movers loaded (threw) everything. Oh that's going to be a Yelp post, but I'm sort of afraid they'll come after us. Ok, maybe I'm overly worried about that, but they were a little creepy now that I think about it.
Otherwise, we love our new 'hood. When we're at the house, it's peaceful. I cannot, cannot, cannot wait to live there. I love the house more each day, and I'm still not quite believing that we got it.
Anyway, more to say when I can add pictures. Who reads text-only posts? Probably not many folks.
Hearts and hugs to you, precious blog peeps,

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