Monday, February 17, 2014

Kitchen lift-off, at last


Just when you think you’ll never have a kitchen, it all comes together. Counters, a fixture, a range and range hood, dishwasher, you name it – we now have it. 


Gwynnie is inspecting the sink.

One of the first meals: a pot of vegetable soup. It was on one of those cold days when I thought I’d turn to ice. The soup was so good. I love peas. (Folks in the northeast probably would like to say: shut your pie hole, you don’t know cold.) And they’d be right I think…but it’s all relative.


This, below, was on the counter recently during a lunch visit with Miss Sherri. She noticed the artistic combination and I snapped the picture.


And on that note, I say, I’m off to enjoy a day off work! Happy Presidents Day!


  1. Yay!!!!!! So glad for you. And that macaron/coffee photo is gorgeous!


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