Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Noise, and more noise

If only it were just one guy with one jackhammer. But it seems our neighbors are jack-hammering the neighborhood into the ground. The house next to mine is under an onslaught of construction (since we moved in). The cross street, a stone's throw from me, is Jackhammer City. Huge city machines, chunking up concrete: all. day. long. And two doors down I hear they're tearing down a rental to build a new house. Awesome.

Time to break out the Bose noise-cancelling earphones. Grabbing them now and going "under." James got these for me for Christmas; pricey yes, but they'll turn any seat on a plane into a first-class seat. I never forget them when flying -- they transform the experience and make it bearable.

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  1. I know, make it stop! And it's a maze to get in and out of the neighborhood. When I walk Tallulah Mae, I wish we had a little hot air balloon to lift us where we need to go. Poor girl, you're really getting the brunt of it. Do you feel like screaming SHUT UP!!!!!!!?


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