Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Noise, and more noise

And I wish it were just one guy with one jackhammer. But no, it seems they are jackhammering the neighborhood into the ground. The house next to mine is under an onslaught of construction (since we moved in). The cross street a stone's throw from me is Jackhammer City. Huge city machines, chunking up concrete: all. day. long. And two doors down I hear they're tearing down a rental to build a new house. Oh joy! Wait, I have Bose noise-cancelling earphones. Grabbing them now and going "under."

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  1. I know, make it stop! And it's a maze to get in and out of the neighborhood. When I walk Tallulah Mae, I wish we had a little hot air balloon to lift us where we need to go. Poor girl, you're really getting the brunt of it. Do you feel like screaming SHUT UP!!!!!!!?


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