Celebrating a Birthday

This weekend was all about my birthday. J's parents had a lovely brunch party for me on Sunday, complete with a scrumptious cake from the French Gourmet. It had a layer of chocolate mousse and pears, and a layer of super moist vanilla cake. Yum! And Friday night J. took me to a great restaurant called Thee Bungalow, in Ocean Beach. It was divine. Excellent food, service, atmosphere, and of course wonderful company.

I have to say, when birthdays get this high on the chart, they don't quite hold that same feeling as the earlier, more significant, ones. But as they say: consider the alternative! Every phase of life has its advantages and we must find our silver lining!

The last two pictures are more snaps from the corners of J's parents' home. A collection of real and ceramic pumpkins, and an arrangement of candles on a tanzu chest. So many beautiful things, all arranged to perfection. My mother-in-law is an artist . . . and an inspiration. When I get home I start moving things around, to make our house look more like her house!


  1. (I tried to leave this comment earlier--WTF?)

    What a pretty/cute cake--did you eat the spider? (Sounds vaguely vulgur . . . "It's my spider in a box . . . One: cut a hole in a box. Two: Put your spider in that box . . . "


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