One Foot in Front of the Other

I am inspired by this post about 'Easing Into It' by my friend Sherri at Foziewisp. And as we sipped non-fat (because it makes the best foam) Chai tea lattes yesterday, we talked about this concept. We humans can be so hard on ourselves. We expect super-human results sometimes, and all that expecting can just stymie a person. Me, for sure. As an avid dreamer, sometimes I get so tangled in my dreams and goals that I trip and fall over them and get nothing done at all! And what causes more agida than stillness, when all you want to do is move forward and do all these things whirling through your head!? It's crazy-making. A slower approach is the answer. Taking a step and savoring the job well done. A little thing done well and complete is a wonderful thing and bound to lead to more of the same.
Something I'm happy about: yesterday I made lots of progress on the 'big garage clean out of 2008' and did a bazillion loads of laundry which had piled up while I was in Florida.
Something I want to do: knock off the saying of the guilt-drenched word "should" - also inspired by Ms. Foziewisp. The word simply has to go!


  1. Amen, Sister!!

    Lovely photograph . . .


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