Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Inside Looking Out

Miss Kate. Inside, at the window, just up from a nap and sleepy-faced -- and decidedly tired of all this house-bound stuff. I think the little feral one is saying, "I'm a cat, by george! I should be roaming the wilds! Let me the heck out!"

She also perches in the narrow space between the curtain panel on the bedroom door and the glass -- soaking up the heat.

The fence that James built. The man is darn handy, what can I say?

Darling Saylor rounding the corner:

And, the acacia in the front courtyard -- a few weeks ago when it was in bloom with blazing yellow. So pretty.

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  1. Ohhhh, Maxwell's and my love fern is still alive and well! Thanks for taking care of it during our station in Japan! P.S. Tell Fozziewisp that Japan has antique and craft fares that will keep her plenty busy! Robin, you probably should come with her!


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