Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Bunnyful Easter

Though I'm a few hops late in posting about it, Easter day was beautiful and family-filled. The weather was idyllic, crisp and cool but not cold. Mom and Dad were at it again, hosting a wonderful afternoon for all. Here's the Easter queen in the kitchen where all the goodies come from...followed by her wonderful collection of Limoges easter-inspired boxes.

...and let's not miss her amazing embroidered eggs. Could these be more gorgeous? Mom Mary is an unbelievable embroiderer. If you click on the picture, it opens into a large image so you can really see the detail of the stitching. Sooooo pretty.

Then, there's one of the happiest guys around -- Dad! Right here!

Last, but not least, our niece Sophia is hiding eggs for the egg hunt for the little ones.


  1. You have the most perfect mom-in-law in the world...what a wonderful place to spend time with family!

  2. Wow wonderful pictures, hope you had a great day.

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