Buffet Happiness

It arrived! The buffet is here. It's actually been here a while. This picture is just not capturing its beauty though. :o) On top, at left, is a papier mache oyster from Bell'Occhio. On the right, also from Bell'Occhio, is a basket that I keep silver flatware in - on the web site they call it a hamper! Why a basket, when there is a silver box? I kinda hate silver boxes. To me, they can be really somber and dark. So, with this easy open basket, in goes the flatware where it remains accessible and ready to use for any old reason. Why save that stuff? Use it! Although, have you ever noticed that silver forks get tiny teeth indentions on them? I guess it is a soft-ish metal. Hm? Maybe dinners should start with some reminder that we don't bite our forks. Ha! Bon Apetite! Don't bite your fork!

And, a close up of these beautiful hot pink roses!!!
They smelled great, too...


  1. Lovely lovely....it is all lovely.
    aka "LiBBy BuTTons"

  2. I really like that buffet. The sliding doors look very handy! I need to find a place for my silverplate flatware to be accessible. Great idea!

  3. Hi Robin,
    It was great to see you drop in today. I am enjoying your lovely blog. Thanks for commenting on my envelopes. I have become really obsessed with them! Hopefully, you will find a copy of the book and start creating some too. Those huge scrapbooking pads of paper are the "ticket" for color-coordinated ones.
    Come on back sometime! :) ~Nan


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