Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Southern Adventure

Inman Park Atlanta GA by hubbuzz.com.
Hola, mi amours... I am posting remotely from the lovely
Inman Park, locale of the sweetest cluster of beautiful
Victorian homes of all sizes and colors -- big, beautiful,
multi-roomed, multi-colored Victorians. I'm visiting
my friend, Moni, and then on Thursday, I go with my
sis-in-law and niece to No. Carolina to stay for a few
days ... to relax, and spend time together. Can't wait.
This photo is actually from Flickr, but I took the exact
one just tonight on our way back from dinner, at a
wonderful restaurant called Parish Market. I have
so many pictures to post when I return. I've been
a regular shutterbug. :o) See you soon!

Note: I am using all the goofy carriage returns because
posting on a MacBook, well, it ain't so intuitive as
you would think. I am such a PC girl...


  1. I'm so glad you liked our neighborhood. Not so glad that you are such a PC girl. Oy!

  2. Hope you are enjoying your vacation...post lots of pictures!

  3. Robin, I linked to your blog. Kevin

  4. That sounds like SO much fun. I hope your trip is/was fabulous. Can't wait to see pictures :)


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