Rain Rain Rain

It rained buckets this weekend, but it brought many cozy hours of being snugged up inside. We San Diegans are not as used to rain as, say, Floridians (which is what I am at heart). We forget how to drive and we don't own rain gear for the most part. Agghh!

Well, I ask you: where would you want to sleep if you were a little kitty and there was a big warm robe to crawl into? This is a typical scene many mornings and nights here on the couch. Gwyneth is a Daddy's girl.
She often needs a little rest after getting her butt kicked by Kate. We cheer Kate on because Gwyneth is a bit of a dirty fighter. She dive-bombs Kate as Miss K. tries to ignore her - to no avail. But there’s no ignoring Little G.
This is the sign for a fabric store in La Jolla by this restaurant I love to go to for breakfast. I love the old graphics.
And who could pass up snapping a shot of this be-whiskered cat sticker. Nope, not me.
Happy week to everyone. Hope it’s a nice one for us all! I’m expecting some exciting news, so I’ll be sharing that this week I hope!


  1. I so want to be snuggling with that lovely little kitty cat.

  2. Purrrrfect spot for a nap!! Hope the exciting news comes soon for you...also hoping we have more rain next weekend, that was a nice rare event for us, seems the rain usually comes during the night. Love the little kitty Oreo next to this comment box - very cute!

  3. I'm glad you didn't show me that at Bread & Cie because my head would have exploded from the cuteness! O.M.G.! Too much!!!

  4. stopped by to play with oreo because it makes me smile... what an adorable snuggly cat tucked inside that robe!!!

  5. Yay for rain we stayed in and had a quiet weekend too, which was nice. That kitty is so cute all snuggled in and cozy. I bet it gets crazy when all of them are running around the house causing mischeif. Have a great day!

  6. You make rain sound almost inviting with all your coziness!


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