Thursday, November 04, 2010

Small Bear School

There’s no one quite like my husband. And this is only trumped by the fact that there is no one quite like his Mother. Mary is one of the most creative people I know. She’s an amazing craftswoman and her house is chock full of fantastic vignettes that I am always photographing. Oh, and there’s the Ikebana! It boggles my mind to see some of the things she has made. Lest anyone should think, boy, this gal is butterin’ up her MIL, I’ll get to the point (I’m just one of those lucky gals who loves her mother in law…I have friends who are not as lucky!). So, James recently came home with a gift that his Mom gave him when he was little. She sent it home with him on my birthday. Smile 
I present to you: Small Bear School!
The bears all come out of their chairs and have jointed legs. They also have little black slates for their desks. The teacher’s desk has a little wooden apple. And of course the black board for up front! So cute…


  1. How in the world does the teacher keep all those bears straight?

    (Your MIL rocks!)

  2. Oh my, I'm in LOVE with this! Your MIL is a gem and so is DH! I wish I lived across the street so I could come over and play with you and your adorable toys!

  3. That is just too adorable!!!! How much fun is that toy? That's something I'd have out all the time, Christmas season and a class full on tiny teddies???? My little Annie takes her teddy to bed every night and this little group would drive her crazy wanting to take them all with her!! Your MIL is a real keeper!

  4. OK, now, really?! That is too stinkin' cute for words! What treasures she must have tucked away...


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