Wallpaper the Whole House I Would

Marriage is a wonderful thing AND it seriously cuts into my love of wallpaper! I'd have every wall covered with the stuff. And it's not like I've even proposed it, but I feel that men think of one thing when they think of wallpaper: removing it. As husby gets older, however, his defenses must only be weakening when it comes to who makes the decorating decisions. I gain ground every year!

Feast your eyes on these amazing wallpapers...

Here's Mr. Morris himself probably dreaming up some new pattern
to make us gasp with delight!


  1. Whew. I thought that last one was a wallpaper, and I was trying to imagine him up on my wall. Mr. Morris, no offense intended.

    I love the first one!! That's my fave.

    My mom loved to tell the story about her and my dad wallpapering the bathroom and how it almost led to their divorce. She swore spouses should never wallpaper together! Don't tell the hubs.


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