Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cozy place to sit

I think for a while I need to post quiet corners, images of places I want to sit and read or just be quiet. Aren’t you drawn to these sorts of places? What I love about this is, well, everything. But in particular, the way the bookshelf is built in, and of a darker wood than the light wall. The chair looks beyond comfortable. The big basket trunk as a coffee table is perfect. A roaring fire: check. The blanket on the chair – all ready to snuggle under.

I’m craving about a 6-month hiatus from work. Gee, do you think my work folks will sign off on that?
I hope everyone is having a lovely week, with enough quiet time to keep you sane.
The image is from here.

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  1. I am dreaming of quiet time..
    it will come one day...
    and then I'll wonder what it was I wanted to do during "the quiet time"...

    if your employer signs off on the time off -
    I want to work there too!!!


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