Monday, January 07, 2013

Happy new year

There should be something more lively to tell you to kick off a New Year post other than I’ve had a cold since December 20th. But my head is so full of snot (sorry), that I can barely think straight, let alone breath out a nice happy greeting. There were a few days of reprieve, but I’ve generally been sick now for about 20 days. Ten more makes a month. I emailed my doctor tonight.
A few holiday highlights…
Me, in my new orangey-red coat (a gift to me from me) for pre-Christmas. We went to the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe for lunch with Mom and Dad on New Year’s Day.
I got to kiss the forehead of a pygmy Nigerian goat, while visiting with friends in Florida at Bennett’s for donuts and coffee. Little Lazarus is on the lap of my dear friend, Gail. He was named this because he was born dead, but the guy who owns him massaged his chest for 20 minutes and got a slow heartbeat, then faster, and then “meeeeeehhhhh-hhhhh-hhhhhh,” the wee Lazarus rose from the dead.
Little L. on Gail’s lap, nearly asleep.
All us girls at Goat and Donut Fest, most from high school, all dear friends. From L to R: Christine, Melanie, Gail, Patzi, and me.
A stroll through Adelaide’s florist in La Jolla over the holidays never fails to serve up the holiday goods…
A riot of ornaments on this tree…
Today’s banana bread, part two…is below. I say part two because, the first thing you need to know is my baking is usually inedible. I don’t know what it is, but I mess up so many recipes. Last night I decided I’d make a batch of banana bread and put them in these adorable, rectangular paper baking containers. I’d had them for a while and decided I’d bake them up, taste one, and if they passed the taste test, I’d give them out. Lucky people that didn’t have to eat those. James and I tasted one, and we both spit the bite into the trash at the same time. All you can do is laugh. They were mushy and awful. From the way that bite looked before we tried it, it was pretty obvious it was going to be awful. Not cooked long enough? Who knows. Today I went to my go-to source. This site is tried and true (Simply Recipes). And it turned out great!
Peace, love, and good banana bread,
Red heartRobin


  1. hello....and a big happy new year..

    love the red coat....the best kind of gift to yourself..
    I should buy myself red shoes...never had them before....ever

  2. Oh look! Is this how we found each other? ^

    That is one sassy coat and I LOVE it! I'm sorry you've had snot nose for so long. That just sucks.

    The story and the pictures of the goat are priceless. I love the man who saved his life!!

  3. so SO love your red coat!! sorry you've had that ol' winter crud. sending you wishes for unstuffed sinuses and abounding energy...

  4. So cute--your ruby coat and the tiny goat!


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