Friday, January 18, 2013

It’s finally warming up

How gorgeous is he? I say he, but she could be a she. From this tumblr page.

“Dogs are here to remind us life really is a simple thing. You eat, sleep, take walks, and pee when you must. That’s about all there is. They are quick to forgive trespasses and assume strangers will be kind.”
From The Marriage of Sticks
I happened upon this tumblr page. It’s images, obviously, and then some “notes.” Here’s one that I thought was meaningful. Something we all kind of know, but may not practice enough:
“ One of the saddest realities is most people never know when their lives have reached the summit. Only after it is over and we have some kind of perspective do we realize how good we had it a day, a month, five years ago. The walk together in the December snow, the phone call that changed everything, that lovely evening in the bar by the Aegean. Back then you thought “this is so nice.” Only later did you realize it was the rarest bliss.
Jonathan Carroll


  1. stopped by and feasted on some beauty... yum! thanks! wishing you the sweetest day with some rare bliss...

  2. All of this made me feel warm and cozy.

  3. Hi Robin,
    I try to squeeze every drop of everyday into a memory or a moment. Everyday is a such a gift and what a nice reminder with those wise words above. Happy Saturday i hope you find some bliss today as well.

  4. That dog! How darling...have you seen the dog clipped to look like a lion? So cute!


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