New year, new crack at Minimalism

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Image result for minimalist photoI may have gone too far when I lifted the lid on the trash can and heaved in all four high school yearbooks. When I saw on Facebook that the reunion was coming up, I posted a question asking if anyone had a digital version. Apparently the headshots are available, but not the other sections that I was most interested in.

One good rule of thumb as you minimize: get a scanner and scan paper stuff that you want to keep, even pictures. Alas, if I use my head, I can recall the images that were most important. And I don't really need them. I'm not going to frame them or sit them I'm mentally letting it go.

I'm still keeping up with my guys over at and listening to their podcasts. They can be repetitive sometimes, but simple messages are like that. I do benefit from the reminder of why minimalism can really add value to your life, even if the examples are similar. We surround ourselves with so much stuff and most of it is neglected, sitting in a drawer, or in a bin, or in the garage. So who needs it? Maybe someone else. Donate! 

Little by little, I'm whittling down my load. And it feels great.

A few minimalists I admire:

Courtney Carver here - saw Courtney when she was in San Diego. She's very inspiring.
Leo Babauta at
Sam Harris does this great podcast


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