Friday, June 29, 2007

A Cherished Soul Celebrated

On Thursday, June 28th, just before noon my beloved Oreo left this Earth to rise, I like to think, to a higher plane, to a place where there is only love and peace and comfort and happiness. Of course no one knows what lies beyond, but I hope when I take this step that I will open my eyes to the soft, furry face of my dearest friend.
For the past 15 years, we shared an unconditional bond of love. He was always looking for me, and I for him; it was just what we wanted to do, it came naturally. And over my years of living without a “human,” I never felt alone because Oreo was there, his watchful golden eyes following me to and fro – my brown eyes following him – the perfect give and take. His presence was so large, so confident, so incredibly protective. We were best friends, lifelong companions, mother and son maybe. We were two souls joined in a quiet bond, though we spoke volumes to each other. Most nights he would spend some time laying on my chest, his gaze fixed on me, and we would talk, often it was just me thanking him for choosing me.
They say animals choose their owners, especially cats, and how true a statement. When I moved to California in 1993, Oreo was living in Ocean Beach, on his own. His family had moved leaving something precious behind (I thank them for this), undoubtedly because something better lay ahead. I remember seeing him the first time in the neighborhood and thinking how beautiful and charming he was. His little swagger, his big personality, combined with a softness and loving nature that was undeniable. He had been living outside for over a year, with some of the neighbors feeding him. But I let them know he was now a formal part of my family and that they could forgo their duties, that he was well cared for now. And care for him I did, happily, gratefully, like a doting mother, for all these cherished years.
There are so many memories I could write about, so many tender memories. I may share some as the sharpness of his passing softens. But I wanted to post this to let anyone know who may want to know that Oreo has taken his step, and that he is at peace. He will be dearly missed by many, and mostly by me, a person who believes she will see him again. This photo was taken of us by my good friend Sherri.


  1. xoxoxoxo
    Good wishes to you.

  2. I was lucky enough to have the Pookster lay on my chest a time or two, staring in to my eyes as he woke me with a question ("why aren't you petting me?") and rewarding me with a low rumble of happiness for my attention.

    My heart is with you, EcoSpice.


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