Friday, June 01, 2007

Once in a Blue Moon

So, what do you do when a deadline is crushing down and every minute counts? You mean you don't stop to update your blog with last night's Blue Moon pictures? Aw, what a lightweight! I simply must get away from my writing for a second and this is just the thing. Now, the tripod I sold for $5 in the garage sale (worth oh-so-much-more) would have come in real handy since I apparently have the jitters, or it's the earth moving, or something. I vaguely remember the gargantuan tracking telescope we used in Mr. Kowalski's Astronomy class at Edison Community College. Something about we're moving, it's not, and you get blurred pictures because of this. One turned out pretty clear but the others are iffy, but still interesting.

The one with the tail is probably something some astronomy geek could explain. Any geeks out there that care to offer some input on the tail? I left the last really blurry one because it shows the tail also. Kinda neat.
The last blue moon in California was on July 31, 2004. After tonight's, the next one will be on Dec. 31, 2009. Long time to wait.

In other Blue Moon news, in Cadiz, KY, at the newly renovated Lake Barkley State Resort Park, they hosted the first Kentucky Blue Moon Celebration - guess it ended this morning. They take their blue moons seriously!


  1. Loverly! And yes, in Kentucky we DO take blue moons seriously, what with the song and all (sing it, Elvis).

  2. The blue moon was in a crystal clear night sky here in Atlanta on Friday. Great schtuff. I think you did EXACTLY what you should have, regarding your deadline. ;-P


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