Economy of Motion

So, is anyone out there finding themselves becoming more methodical? Like, do you get up and feel compelled to go through your motions? These days I get up, make the bed, do any dishes, straighten the living room, and generally get my surroundings in order before I begin working. Even regular tasks, like doing laundry or putting similar things together in the same place, have become more of a habit. OCD or a subconscious preparation for the golden years? Maturity maybe? Just getting organized? Not sure, so I Googled the term Economy of Motion, and this is what I found:

"The founder of Wing Chun is believed to have been a middle aged woman defending herself against more powerful opponents. It was not in her interest to engage in a prolonged conflict. Her opponent's stamina would triumph over hers. It was not in her interest to execute unnecessary moves. Why block then strike if a strike can also block at the same time? The longer a struggle lasts, the more chance there is of exposure to an opponent's lucky hit. Time and limited physical expenditure is of the essence. Wing Chun seeks to incapacitate an opponent as quickly as possible with as few movements as possible. A strike that blocks is better than a block and a strike. A hand that is contacting an opponent is more efficient than withdrawing a hand to strike a second time. In Wing Chun, one movement or positioning serves more than one purpose. There are always multiple options depending on the situation."

How thought-provoking! I like the whole idea of conserving your energy for other things, or rather not expending your energy on useless things. This approach could be applied to life. Vehhh-rrrrry in-ter-esting. And I
couldn't find a good pic of that German from Laugh-In. :-)


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