Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bears Galore!

What began as a bear hoard for my mother-in-law's collection has slowly transformed into a bit of a bear grab for moi. I went to a garage sale last Saturday at the home of an elderly woman who had passed away - her grandchildren had her collections all lined up for sale. It was sad to think that they didn't "get" what she was after with her collections, but I'm happy to think I took a few of the items to a place where they will be appreciated - my house. Most of the other shoppers were as enthralled as I was with her 1940s and 1950s ceramic items. There were lots of other things too - tons of fun stuff. So, here we have them. Bears, bears, and more bears.

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  1. Beary good score (hides face, runs away in shame due to bad pun). A new collection?


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