Tortoise Evacuation Center

As everyone has probably seen on the news, San Diego is burning. It's been a horrific few days as homes and lands burn, and the press reports new mandatory evacuations along with news that some can go back home, assuming it is there. You can feel the sadness in the smoky air, and everything is covered in ash.

On a lighter note, my in-laws have some friends who had to evacuate staying with them - Jack and Judy. And . . . they brought their turtles. The turtles, who have yet to be named, are two 98-year-old males. Jack and Judy inherited them from their parents, and they will have to be willed to their children because they live to be around 200! They are land turtles, Gopherus agassizii to be precise, and they are enjoying their backyard retreat while the fires near their home are being contained and the air quality improves. As I was snapping pictures (no pun intended), Rumer, the curious terrier, was getting in sufficient sniffs and kept jumping in and out of their little pen as we all yelled in unison, "Rumer! Get out of there!" Also, following are some pictures of my mother-in-law's beautiful backyard.


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