Monday, October 22, 2007

Octoberfest in Big Bear

So, last weekend, we made the trek to Big Bear to J's parents' cabin. The four of us also went to the Octoberfest - this year was the 15th Annual celebration. It was a fun time: lots of beer and German food and a band, Bergermeister, who also played Freebird and Sweet Home Alabama, of course. Can't you see the lighters held high now? The foliage was fiery red and gold and the air was super crisp and cool. It wasn't cold, but just right. J's Mom and I wandered through some antique stores on Saturday and I picked up a dark green Bauer planter pot. That was fun. I also got a pine scented candle called Northwoods. J and I took a hike through the woods on Friday right after we arrived with Saylor, our lab, and Rumer, his parents' Lakeland Terrier. The first picture is J setting out on the trail with dogs in tow. And here are some other visuals:

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