Beethoven As I Knew Him

Mom and Dad passed along their Old Globe tickets so we could see Beethoven As I Knew Him on Saturday night. I enjoyed it, though it was a bit sad. Beethoven's life was no cake walk: deaf to his own artistry at an early age, the son of a domineering father, and dead at 35. But such outstanding music. Dun, dun, dun, dun. Yep, B-Man wrote that. Hershey Felder was quite something himself: very captivating and wonderful at the piano. The background film was the wildest, if not slightly disturbing -- these Rorschach-ish images in ghostly black and white faded in and out on a huge open book which was the backdrop of the stage. The entire theatre was dark and the stage was barely lit. Ok, so I had a quick 15 min. nap at the beginning. Ha! It was so dark! But once I woke up (no one the wiser as I napped with chin on hand on armrest), and snarked a couple of my almond M&Ms which I snuck in and chewed very quietly, I was back in business, and the rest was fantastic! There was a woman behind me pretty much sobbing though, poor girl. Ok, so I shed a tear or two myself.


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