Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mitsuwa in San Diego

Sometimes for lunch we take a drive to Mitsuwa -- this Japanese department store in Kearny Mesa. They have a cafe, bookstore, home accessories shop, pharmacy, and other various "stalls" all in one store. One is devoted entirely to rice. It's really cute. In the cafe they have Sumo wrestling on two TV screens for your viewing pleasure. Kaboom! The latest change is that they added another food place in the same cafe, so now there are two. The new one is called Santouka. The woman behind the counter will call out the orders by saying, "Santouka #24," followed by this little grin. Very funny. The first time we had lunch there with the new Santouka cafe it seemed like everyone was ordering from Santouka. We opted to stay with our regular spot. Santouka's dishes are for the slightly more adventurous. Eeek!

So, while there, I browsed around the grocery store and snapped a few pictures, but before I got too far one of the store managers asked me to stop. Oh well, at least I had a little blogging fun.

Every kind of hot pepper and wasabe-esque concoction in a bottle that you can imagine:

Mushrooms galore!

Little containers of seaweed, fish, shrimp, urchin, and other stuff!

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