Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Not in Cranford!

What a town, that Cranford! I just watched the episode one last night, on-line, and just love it already. There are two more episodes coming up - Sunday nights on PBS!

A few of my favorites:
Miss Pole! Such the town gossip! And quick to arrive with the story, too! She'll RUN if she has to. She loves to describe the horrific details in full Technicolor. Very funny. The scene with the lace and the cat was hilarious!

Then, sweet, smart Sophy Hutton. Love her. I just know she and the young doctor will get together.

Last but not least, Lady Ludlow. Oh lord! Could anyone be more conservative? Yikes! She's something else! Very entertaining. Throws a good party.

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  1. My goodness, woman! That pretty Sophy Hutton looks so like you, if you blonde your hair up, you could play the role, yourself! Look at that arch of the eyebrow! I know you can see if -- even if you don't admit it! ;-) Ask Anna-Kate, she'll agree with your ma-bun!


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