. . . Garden Roses in Italian Pottery

Hope no one tires of seeing my roses in various containers. I just set up a bookshelf with all of my pottery on it (pictures soon), and I'm having lots o' fun using the different pots. Having a rose bush to cut from is so nice -- they're so beautiful and fragrant.

This is a new batch, btw. I nabbed this ceramic pot for just 3 dollars at a thrift store frequented by Miss S. of Foziewisp fame. She calls the shop "The Ladies" -- it's run by women who volunteer there. I just luuurve the colors, and it's Italian! Molto bello!


  1. Hey Robin,
    Have you noticed how wonderful the green on pot matches the green leaves? This is so smart of you, and they are so pretty to match. Good job!!

  2. OMG, girl, you're sooooooo creative! Love the roses -- they're magnificent... but a pottery collection? Now, you're REALLY set me thinking! I need one too, and how unusual. What an artistic thinker you are. LUV the kitty, too! Love your blog! Love YOU! -Ma Bun, at the LaJolla hutch


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