Rio Celebrates 10 Years on Oct. 17th!

Is this not a face you can love? Is this not the handsomest boy at the doggy day care? Well, I think so. This is Rio, the darling Springer Spaniel and fur child of my dear friends Gail and Jay who live in Fort Myers.

This is Rio spending some quality time at K9's Come First with long-time girlfriend, Ambyer. Yes, with a 'y'. She's showing Rio some love with her little doxie licks on his cheek. How cute is that!? But, Mr. Ri-Ri is looking somewhat pained here, isn't he!? Oh these pups can't get enough of me...sigh. I just can't shake Ambyer. BUT, she's pretty and she is the principal's daughter so Gail and Jay tell Rio to get with the program!

Happy Birthday Rio! Have a great day on the 17th!


  1. Love Rio and especially his name, so cute. I can see he is the man of the hour, look at those girls all over him and getting those 'doxie' kisses. Robin just so your know, I had a little hello session with Oreo today and as always he is adorable, I love to watch him breath!! When was his Birthday?
    Take care.


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