A Wonderful Wedding, Oh Happy Day

The happy event has taken place! (Just look at this lovely program and fan that was on each chair. The calligraphy is amazing.) On Saturday, Oct. 18th, Erin and Colin tied the knot in the Bahamas at the Ocean Club. The garden there was just gorgeous, and the happy couple were beautiful and shining with love. Since the marriage had to comply with Bahamian laws, there was E.'s grandfather, Charles, who conducted most of the ceremony and then a Bahamian pastor who did another part. But, before they could pronounce them husband and wife, the bride and groom had to step behind the altar and sign their marriage license. It was all very Bahamian.

This is my brother Guy, Erin's Dad, standing at the altar with E., right before he stepped away (on his terms, of course) to "give her" to her husband-to-be, Colin.

Here they are listening to their vows. I'm so proud of my sweet niece. She said her vows with such strength. Of all of the ceremony, this part made me cry a bit.

This was the walkway next to the area where they were married. A couple other detail pics follow of the garden structure. It was so beautiful. I will get some history on this for another post.


  1. I swear, it looks like a fairy tale... just lovely!

  2. Robin, this is amazing. What an incredible place to get married, it is absolutely beautiful. I especially love the fan program, it is so creative and very unique. I hope they have a wonderful life together!! Beautiful pictures.

  3. wow! that's so pretty! i got married in the Bahamas, too...just earlier this year. We got married on the beach, but these gardens look like they made for a gorgeous ceremony!!

    :) Diana
    The Chic Life


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