Thursday, October 30, 2008

Birthday Goodness

Hi everyone out in blog-land. I hope this post finds you delightfully well. I am great, and even recently celebrated a birthday - on Tuesday the 28th to be precise. I got a gaggle of cards which ALWAYS makes me smile. I love seeing the mailman arrive on the days before, and on my b-day, because I usually have a card or two each day and it's so fun to open them. Here's my haul:

OK, so this next bit falls into the 'funny or sad' category. So, during my birthday shopping trip, I was walking by Godiva chocolate and saw this chocolate cat in the window. It was really cute, and it looked just like Kate. So, in I go, and buy it. Well, I sat it by the window where I had all my cards standing and it somehow melted.

So . . . now it looks like this - kind of like it's turning it's head waaaaaaaay sideways. I cracked up when I discovered it. Because ya know? It's still tastes good. I just had a little nibble off it's melted paws. I couldn't resist posting the melty picture. It's pretty hilarious. Poor chocolate kitty!


  1. Baroo (c.f. Cute Overload). Yum!!!

  2. Oh happy belated sweetie, I hope you had a great day. Love your chocolate kitty, what a cutie. I bet Oreo is being a spooky boy tonight up in kitty heaven.

  3. This cracked me up! Hope you had a wonderfully, happy birthday!


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