Driving Across Florida

While I was in Florida the last time, my brother and I drove to see my Uncle Ernie and Aunt Gloria. I had not seen them in many years, dare I say 15? 20? They live in Hobe Sound and it was about a 3-hour drive. The weather that day, like your typical Florida weather, brought some rain. I love driving through the state of Florida, if not just for the instant on/off rain amidst the sunshine, but for the beautiful scenery. It's such a pretty state. Beautiful skies and fields and trees. These were a few shots I took while we were driving, just out the car window.

This below, believe it or not, is a rest area. It was pristine, with gorgeous, tall palms.

The fields along the road here are sugar cane. There are miles and miles of them.

Grey storm clouds rolling in before the rain started.


  1. You're makin' me homesick. Will be in Central Florida Sunday week.


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