Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Sunday Herbal

Today I spent the late afternoon planting herbs! It was very relaxing and grounding. No soil pun intended. There's marjoram, basil, mint, chives, parsley, oregano, rosemary, and dill. Except for the thyme, there's a Mammas and the Papas' song in there. Ha! They are now all nicely situated on a plant stand that was a gift from my friend and Foziewisp blogger, Ms. S. I adore the stand, and love the way the terracotta pots look on it. Fun! Some of the herbs seem kind of small in the pots, but fingers are crossed that they'll sprout up!

At another corner of the house, I planted some of the herbs in vintage California pottery pots I've picked up at estate sales. The yellow ones and the green one were each 50 cents. Gotta love that. I just realized the white iron tables are also from Miss Sherri - purchased at one of her yard sales! Stuff doesn't really ever go away, it just changes addresses!


  1. Hi Robin! I love your new plant stand - I've been on the hunt for something similar! Miss you!

  2. Love the plant stand, and I also love your rectangular pots stacked up, they are so pretty. You will be enjoying those herbs in no time, nothing like fresh basil, yum!!

  3. Hello sweetest friend o' mine. I missed your b-day this year...soooo sorry. Hope it was wonderful, and you're still as hot as ever, so no birthday worries for you. Love, love, love new herb garden; something very satisfying about going out and snipping of a bit of your own plants to add to a favorite recipe! Simon and Garfunkel...Scarborough Fair...check it out on Love you much!

  4. Oooh that's a great plant stand! I tried planting herbs in pots once but the neighbourhood cats used the pots as a toilet and nothing grew!


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