Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Kitchen Poetry -- #3

Ahh, the kitchen poetry continues. Some of my favorites are here and here! The second one is in Italian!

Mr. Owly here was picked up at an estate sale. At first, he held dish towels, but now he's the keeper of paper napkins. I wonder what his original purpose was? Hmmm?

Yet another little corner. The big red pepper mill and my favorite instant coffee. Kosher salt is kept in the Italian Food Seasoning jar. And above it all, a pic of sweet Saylor when she was but a wee pup.

Deliciously-scented Mrs. Meyers kitchen products. The dish soap and hand soap are so fragrant. She also makes a great all-purpose cleaner that is so nice for floors; makes the whole house smell great. Yummy scents. The lavender dryer sheets are also wonderful.


  1. wonderful moments of kitchen poetry....

  2. Robin, great pics and I am wondering about your coffee, is it really that good? If it is, I'll have to see if I can get it here. You know I love you, but I agree with prop 8. Sorry but I believe marriage is between a man and woman. I guess it really doesn't matter because I am a Canadian girl anyway, hope you still like me!!


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