Saturday, November 08, 2008

Kitchen Poetry -- #5

Kitchen poetry, Katie style. There was a nice breeze coming in the window this morning and the girlie was sniffing all that was in the air. It's starting to get cooler, off and on. Yay! We tend to be somewhat season-less here in Cali, so it's nice to feel some sort of weather change from the sunny and 76. I know many folks will tell me to nip it. But I would honestly love to have more of a fall. OK, maybe I have to draw the line at the white stuff. While it is pretty, I am so not good at walking on it!


  1. Katie Kat! She looks almost like one of those flat cardboard cats people sometimes have in their window...I love her totally relaxed tail. She's chillin'!

  2. How cute::) I bet she likes to watch you wash dishes??? My kit leo loves to watch me whenever I'm at the sink:) cute!

  3. I bet she has her eye on a few red breasted robins!!


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