Friday, November 07, 2008

Kitchen Poetry -- #4

The morning coffee and bread ritual. A life without bread is a life not worth living. There are so many diets that tell you to nix the bread. These are not my diets! OK, so certain sizes of jeans of days past are in the very back of that drawer, and may never come out, but I happily munch my sourdough toast in the morning and I'm not looking back! Bread does the heart good. Actually, whole wheat IS good for you. I usually have whole wheat, but that loaf of sourdough caught my eye yesterday, and I enjoy its chewy goodness.


  1. I love sourdough too, but I haven't tried it toasted. Will do now. Coffee in the morning is my number one!

  2. I totally agree, bread is heaven. My fav is a toasted bagel with butter and raspberry jam.


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