Fulton Hill Barn Sale

This past weekend, the Hardy men -- including sons and son-in-laws -- went up to the family cabin in Big Bear to make needed repairs. They went up Friday and worked until Sunday afternoon. We all share in the fun of using the cabin throughout the year, so it's only fair to put in a little sweat equity to keep things up to snuff. Yes, I'm talking a good talk here, since I didn't have to go! I'm pretty sure my skills are less suited to patching the ~700 woodpecker holes that were on the outside of the house and re-doing parts of the deck. So, the womenfolk stayed home. After all, there were barn sales to attend!!

On Saturday, Mary (J.'s Mom) and I went to the Fulton Barn Sale in San Marcos. It was a 100+ year old barn built by Mr. Fulton, and it was full of goodies. I don't know him, but I loved his barn! I will admit, I don't think it was of the caliber of the barn that Stephanie found, but it was really fun and we came home with some treasures.

The light was really neat inside the barn. People were milling through checking out the lovely things.

I found some pretty nursery rhyme cards (always buying old paper!), a gold locket that has the name Erma engraved on back (sweet), and a tea sieve. Mary got two bright yellow chicks, a set of knives, and a small elephant tea pot (we think it will make a nice creamer). She also got this neat black metal stroller that looks like it's from the turn of the century. It's going to hold a pot in her garden. We had a really nice day. After the barn sale, we went to La Jolla for lunch and more browsing in a couple antique stores. It was a perfect Saturday. Sometimes when I'm out doing these things I wish I could magically transport some of the wonderful bloggers that I "know" through this whacky Internet world. I know you all would have had fun!!!


  1. I wanna go! A barn sale is my kind of fun. The only ones I have been to so far here are full of rusted out man stuff. Yours looks much better!

  2. I would LOVE to go! We hardly ever find good sales around here. Humpf. (That's me pouting)

  3. I'm just saying Robin, you sure have the life, antiquing, lunches out, not bad!! I think if we lived close to each other we would be in big trouble, we'd be broke, pack rats!!

    Your barn looks wonderful and I love that light hanging down in the first photo, it's gorgeous.

    I have some of those yellow handled knives (somewhere)that belonged to my parents, I believe they are ivory??

    P.S. Mr Oreo is quite active today with that lovely tail!!

  4. That looks like a wonderful place to spend the day. Isn't treasure hunting fun?

    Thank you for your sweet words on my blog. I'm happy to meet you!

    (I read your previous post that mentions Pimm's. I LOVE Pimms. )


  5. That looks like such a cute place!

  6. There's a great estate sale place across the street from me. Check out my blog and you'll get the info.


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