Friday, May 15, 2009

Bake Sale Success - $835!!!

OK, where the heck have I been? I think I went into a sort of half-sleep -- a blog fog -- only the hypnotist didn't ask me to count backwards from 10 to wake up. Whew! (shakes off sleep) I'm awake now, and have lots to update you on! First things, first. The bake sale! About 2 weeks ago (hm? could be related...), I decided to join in and organize one of the Bake for Hope bake sales. Lo' and behold, 12 bakers stepped up to the plate, and their ovens! Not just any bakers, mind you, but AWESOME bakers. The likes of Sherri S. (and her lovely eco-chic wax paper bags decorated with millinery flowers), Ellen P., Lisa M., Justine A., Ginger, and others! Such amazing goodies. The table was so full -- full enough, in fact, that I wondered how in the world we would sell it all!!! But, sell we did: we made $835 that day...stayed open an extra 3 hours to make sure all the delectables found homes. We had quite a crowd, and such a rewarding event -- these funds help uninsured women pay for their cancer treatment. No one should have to be afraid they can't afford the medicine it takes to save their life. More pictures of the day are here!


  1. Yay! A stupendous effort, Miss Robin, stupendous indeed. All of us girls (and our girls!) thank you!

  2. WOW Robin, congrats that's really amazing to do so well, good for you.

    That Rennie, too cute for words!!


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