#7 for the Hardys

Yesterday, June 15th, hubs and I celebrated 7 years married! We dated for a while, ahem, before we got married so we really have 11 years on the old tally sheet. We had a really nice day: lunch at Bloomingdale's, dinner at Hexagon, and a little afternoon nap in the middle of it all. A few friends even remembered our day with emails and calls, and our friend Sherri dropped off homemade chocolate chip cookies! So sweet in more ways than one!

We bought a piece of furniture yesterday to mark the date. It's a piece we've been needing - a buffet! - and it will take the place of a bookshelf that I have been cramming full of estate sale finds. Hellooooo, Etsy! I also got a Hatch Show Print from Anthropologie as a remembrance - it says June, the month we were married. I had never really known about the Hatch Show print craze until recently, but it was an easy transition. It's way cool. Grovvilicious video about them and their shop and processes here. They even have cats in residence at the shop!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Ours is in late July (14 years!).

  2. That sideboard will look perfect in your house--at first I thought this
    WAS from your house...and yay for Hatch Show Prints! I've loved them for years...I was so hoping they gave tours, but alas, they are too small, I think. What a great anniversary keepsake.

  3. What a lovely buffet. Love your dish set too!!!


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