A Grey Day...Her Grey Eyes

It's a grey day here in southern Cali, and my mind is wandering to thoughts of my Mom. I have had this picture of her for a very long time. She was 17 here (looks older doesn't she?) and this was taken when she was a hat model for the John Robert Powers. The agency is actually still around. Every now and then I hear their radio commercial, and of course I think of her. She was so beautiful. Tall, with long legs, and gorgeous grey eyes. She had incredible style, always. Her hair in front was styled using what they called a "rat" which is just hair collected out of your brush...and probably saved in one of those pretty hair keepers that have the round hole in the top. In later years, she wore it in a french twist. Right now, the picture is leaning against the wall by my desk, atop a collection of things: J.'s grandfather's bullet mold (he poured his own!), a pink clutch thrifted from an estate sale (soon to go on Etsy), and a collection of embroidery hoops (also found at a sale a while back). I've thought of having the picture restored because there are cracks, though thankfully none across the eyes. The cost is $400 -- steep enough to give one pause. But it would be nice to have it hanging in a place of honor. She was taken so very soon -- at 61, from breast cancer, and I was 24. I keep her spirit alive in my thoughts and deeds, and I know that the things I love and am drawn to have so very much to do with what she taught me, showed me, and told me about. Dear Mom, I love and miss you, and I know I'll see you again one day. xoxox, Robbie


  1. Oh noes, girlie, you have truly made me weep with this lovely post! Your mama would be SO very proud of the incredibly sweet, generous, and big-hearted woman she raised. She was so beautiful, wow!

  2. Oh, what a sweet post Robin. You really look like your mother you know. What a great photo to have. I hope today isn't so grey. Take care.

  3. i am so laughing right now. i just discovered you little black widget kitty and have been playing with him. and it's making me giggle!!! thanks for that!


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